Go the f*ck to sleep…

I haven’t much to share here as my devil children are still wailing and generally causing my hair to silver and wrinkles to deepen as I type this. I love them dearly, but my god I love them so much more when they are quiet and asleep.

We had a terrible night last night with both of them grumbly/crying. Both have seemed to pick up viruses really easily at the moment and my patience is wearing thin.

I have to sort a few things for my son, as I’m wondering if he’s got water behind his ear drums (I had numerous operations for this as a small child) and it would explain a lot. He covers his ears if he hears specific noise pitches, and if he’s feeling under the weather he complains that his ears are sore. His speech has also deteriorated and he struggles to form certain sounds, so it could be linked. I’m speaking to his preschool about speech therapy tomorrow, so will see what they think.

I’m sorry this isn’t a particularly inspiring or interesting post, but I can’t not write something as I promised myself I would! 

It’s been one of those days of adulting. You know the ones – they’re dull, relentless and full of mundane tasks that need to be done even though I’d rather see Trump naked than do them. All the while accompanied by two bickering, screeching tiny children. At one point I pleaded with them to please just be nice to each other for forty five seconds because I wanted to pick dog poo up in the garden. It’s all glamour here, let me tell you.

So, this post might a little dreary, but hey, isn’t life sometimes? Fireworks and excitement are great, but it’s not representative of everyday. Plus I haven’t the energy to share anything more insightful… hopefully tomorrow will be better, and my children will finally go the fuck to sleep.


8 thoughts on “Go the f*ck to sleep…”

      1. I was given a similarly hilarious one for my birthday by my MIL. It’s titled ‘The Mum’ and it is hilarious… I’ll see if I can send some photos. I cried laughing xx


  1. This post does what I’m afraid to do. Just tell it like it is sometimes, even when it sucks. I can relate so closely to this Mama. Although, I don’t like to share it because I love misery, I think. Or something like that. So I bottle it in and pretend it’s all hunky dory. Thanks for being a good example of honesty. And, yeah, like Stella said, hope those punks bite the dust for once.

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    1. Thank you Mark – I always think of you when writing these posts because I know you get it – it’s bloody hard with toddler tyrants, isn’t it?! Wonderful, infuriating, testing and miraculous to just get through a day sometimes. But we’re doing ok; you’re a wonderful father and so even when you doubt yourself, you’re doing a pretty awesome job there. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever need a rant, god knows I’d appreciate the solidarity too! They went to sleep, at 10:30pm. Ahem.


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