Let’s start with coffee…

Is there a better thing than a perfect cup of coffee? I only started drinking it after the birth of my first born, blearily blinking at the boxes in the cupboards, praying for something to keep me awake, fire up my brain, remove the mombie curse. It didn’t work, of course, but a love affair began nonetheless. Now, we have a minimum stock level for the house (also frozen peas. Everything else is negotiable, but there must be at least two bags/tins of both). As always, I’m spiralling off subject. Please, sit and have coffee. Let’s talk.

So, I finally started a blog! Thanks for visiting. Whether it’s curiosity, a search error, a pity search (bless her), a sneaky spy or because you’re genuinely interested, I thank you. I’ve no idea what I’ll mainly use this for, but I haven’t written in such a long time and I feel now is the right time. There’s something so soothing about writing – it helps get me out of myself. I can be self indulgent on a page, rather than in my own head! 

So. I’m a thirty something wife, mother, daughter, dog mom, alcoholic. I wear all these titles with pride, but some fit better than others. I’m still learning to style some, and have yet to find the perfect footwear to help me tie it all together and pull it off. I also know there’s a bit part for me in life that’s missing, just out of reach. I’m learning the lines and the steps but not sure what play I’m in. I’m sure it will all come together eventually. 

I’m still figuring out what I enjoy. I don’t really have hobbies, as such. I used to have lots, and a huge amount of interests too but they were all linked into a reason/excuse to drink. And so here we are. I enjoy cooking, reading, and long walks in the forest. I love to feel the rain on my face, hear the crackle of twigs beneath my feet, and see nothing but woodland and moss. Or toss pebbles into the sea, collecting stones with my son so we can paint them later (of course, we never do. They live in a bucket and he screams bloody murder if they are removed for longer than five seconds). I am usually on a tightrope of procrastination and cramming so much into my day I can barely breathe. I juggle – people, chores, needs, wants – daily, mostly unsuccessfully. I suspect all of us feel we are falling short there, or dropping the balls often.

But this, this little corner of the internet, is one less procrastination. One less promise uttered but never kept. I’ve stopped talking about blogging and started, with one little step – this. And all great things (and mediocre things, to be truthful) begin with one little step forward. Let’s see how far these tired feet can carry me. 


17 thoughts on “Let’s start with coffee…”

  1. Well look who has a blog!! Yay! Very exciting!
    You remind me of me in many ways – I was sober a year or so and wanted to get back into writing but didn’t know how so I took a shot in the dark and started a blog. I too also had no hobbies to speak of and felt like I was just floating around. I was annoyed – maybe I could knit? Water ski? I didn’t know. I wanted to have something, and eventually by just messing about and being patient, I found a few things to occupy my time and imagination. But it will come to you – not always easy with the little ones, but as they grow up, they will be more independant and you will find more pockets of time for you.

    anyway, so glad to be here in your new place!


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    1. Thank you love. I feel like that too – I’m floating along with the current, which will mean I eventually end up *somewhere* I hope. We’ll see. The crippling lack of time is also a factor – i might have ideas of things I want to try, but no time or transport to try them! It will all get easier I know, and figured out with time. I appreciate your words – you’ve inspired me in so many ways, and you know I’ve always enjoyed reading or hearing you x


  2. Welcome to the BLOG-O-SPHERE. It’s a strange and wonderful world, no doubt. However, I’ve found that writing can not only be therapeutic for ourselves, but the friends we make with those who read our pieces and are touched . . . well, they’re absolute treasures. Glad I came here. Also, kudos on the nod to coffee. It’s nectar of the Gods, for sure!! – Daniel D. Maurer – Transformation is Real

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